Choose from our selection of Beach Cruisers, Youth Bikes, Adult Tricycles, Adult Tandem Bikes, Tag Alongs, Kid Carts, Child Seats, accessories and more!

​Breeze Bike Ride also offers beach gear rentals like Beach Carts, Beach Chairs and Umbrellas with Cooler and Body Board added to the set.

Lowest rates on the Island!

Free Delivery and Pickup.

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Free Same Day Delivery!

From $12.60 per day, $18.90- 2 and 3 days, $24.50- 4,5,6 and 7 days, $42.00- 14 days (plus Tax) ​

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Bike Rentals

All bike rentals will be delivered to the address provided at estimated time between 8 am- 2 pm and delivery will be confirmed via text message along with a lock combination for the bike.

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Bike Rentals

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